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         I grew up on the San Francisco peninsula when it was rolling and rural, before it became the developed place it is today.  I attended the College of San Mateo and studied composition under Alanson Appleton and color with Robert Bowman.  Later, I attended the California College of Arts and Crafts where I studied under Ralph Borge, Robert Bechtel, Roy De Forest, Arthur Okamura and Jimmy Suzuki. Marin has been my home for the past 41 years and I live and work in Sausalito.
       My fascination with the way color works in human vision has lead me to develop a technique using layers of transparent glazes to mix colors optically, allowing light to penetrate the surface and recreate the luminous quality of natural light on canvas.
         I have always been attracted to water and landscapes; the external surfaces of the earth, whether water, hills, clouds or grassland.  The suffix "scape" is rooted in an Old English word for "shape". To me these land shapes are metaphors for states of consciousness. Some dynamic, some peaceful, or stormy; the elements can embody moods and concepts as well as complex relationships.
       In painting, I will arrive at an abstract image from my world view that has meaning for me, then concretize that abstraction and moment of light in graphite and paint and infuse that image with the feeling I'm communicating. Using acrylic transparent glazes, I can build up luminosity and depth to lead the eye through the emotional narrative of the water or landscape.
         My paintings are autobiographical.  Time and the flow of emotions over that time are the essential ingredients.  The effects of light I try to capture are expressions of the transcendent spirit. The fact that they are often the most fleeting of effects only enhances that quality. 

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